Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Husband Deployed Means Playing Musical Chairs For Rafting Partners.

White Water Rafting, Solo Style....

So this trip is something I have been doing every year since I was about 18 years old... I think I have been about 6 times now or so, tons of fun and always worth the time, money, soreness and sunburn.

This year since Danny was gone I didnt have the comfort of having an automatic partner. Also since most of my friends have bf or husbands it seems like I was destine to not have a partner for this thing! God thats part of the point, they are two people boats for gosh sakes.

Anyway I ended up not having a partner and had to basically pray that someone would be willing to go alone so I didn't have to.... luckily someone did after lots of back and forth. So after all this I got a partner... luckily someone I have meet before (only a select few times but still not a total stranger).

So my partner ended up being glad he rode with me (his first year so I saved him from being tossed from the boat many times). We only tipped once and that was because people crashed into us at the last minute, and made it through pretty easily.

The second day my first partner ended up having to bail and not go down the river and again Im stuck without a boat mate.... Good thing I found somone at the last minute and to ride, a friend whose partner also left, had lots of fun and ended up going both days with someone i knew, but lets face it, I lucked out immensely!

This year was fun, I really

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