Monday, August 30, 2010

Halfway Home

Phones Down, Time Difference and Anticipation

Its about that time now, the halfway point and my feelings are mixed. Yay we are halfway there, only the second half of the deployment to go and it seems like things are in reach. On the other hand it means I have to go through what I just did, waiting just as long as I have already waited... hmmm....

Well either way I look at it everyday we get closer and closer to his arrival home! I dont have that much to say this time just wanted to say that :) So Yay... hope everyone else is as excited as I am to hit the halfway point.

Crabbing for Fun - - - And Dinner

Week 7 Challenge Time

This weekend I decided to take advantage of the nice weather we were having and head out to the Bodega Head. We usually go out there to go crabbing, however it has been closed for some time now and just recently reopened.

So as we went out there this time we had no idea how the catch would be, of course expecting the best because no one has been out there for months. As expected we actually did pretty good, could have done better but we had MORE than enough crab for all of us and then some.

The jetty that we crawled out on seemed to be longer than normal and more difficult (probably due to lack of practice) but we all ended up making it out there eventually. :) Once out there though you definitely have to stay for awhile to make it worth the hike out, and to catch enough crabs.

This time we ended up catching a sun star in one of our nets as well... that thing was gigantic!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Challenge Week 6

Happy 30th Birthday Camping

So this weekend we ended up heading to the coast for the weekend to camp, fish, hike and chill. This time we decided to go back to Ocean Cove up past Jenner for the easy ocean access. We ended up eating like kings out at the coast, had everything from fish, steak, venison, eel and abalone.... soooo good!

It was one of my good friends 30th birthday which is the reason we headed out to the coast for camping, but it was a great excuse to be in the outdoors!

We went fishing both days, crawling over rocks out to the deeper part of the sea, quite a hike and very relaxing once your out there. The boys ended up catching 4 fish and an eel, a nice dinner for all of us :) Of course us girls didn't get anything except wet from the waves!

We watched the sun set over the ocean from our campsite while cooking dinner, we woke up and saw the mist fade away from the sea after the clouds burned away, we made smores and toasted marshmallows.... overall the trip was a blast and everyone ended up having a great time. So Happy Birthday Jared!! Thanks for having us out there!!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Week 4 Challenge

Disneyland Day of Fun and Huntington Beach Visit

So I know this is more of a road trip than an outdoor challenge this week, however I still took time to get outdoors and see some beautiful sights. A few friends and I took a trip to Orange County to visit Disneyland this weekend and took the day to spend at the beach before heading home.

This trip was nice and fun, a bit short for my taste but it has been since sophomore year in high school since i last went to Disneyland. I have to admit one day in disneyland is not nearly enough though, there were so many rides and things that we did not get to see, or rushed through because the time was running out. Overall it was a very fun day, how could it not be, being in the 'happiest place on earth'. :)

The next day before our drive home we embarked on our long drive home we decided to stop in Huntington beach, and spend a few hours on the shore. Since it wasn't the usual extreme heat that southern California is know for in mid summer, we were pleasantly surprised to find that it was perfectly warm in the sun with a gentle cool breeze.

Though I did not go hiking this weekend, or workout by holding on for dear life on tubes, I still got the satisfaction of seeing some of our beautiful places outdoors in California.