Monday, March 28, 2011

New Home

Packing, Purging and Parting

Bodega Head Last Beach Trip
We all know that moving creates a list of to dos about a million miles long, leaving the person feeling stressed and pressed for time.  Throughout my adult life I have mad a series of short moves, mostly around town or the county, but nothing further than about 15 miles from my parents home.

Because of what I thought was my extensive moving knowledge, and the fact that the Navy was coming to pack my house up for me I felt that this move would be simple, painless and quick.... well....

The Girls and Lexi Wine Tasting
If any of you out there have ever done a cross country move, be it by yourself or with the military then you know how crazy things can get.  Between the separating of mine and Danny's things from his parents (where I had been staying until the move) and the multiple goodbye parties, dinners and such from friends and family, I felt like I was being pulled a million different directions.

We threw in a few beach trips, wine tasting trips, going away bar nights, dinner parties with family, a camping trip and everything we could think of that I might miss is California.... the beauty, the fun and my wonderful friends and family.

Armida Winery
On a serious note though everything actually went down pretty smoothly, all things considered and we only had to wait for our stuff in Virginia for about 5 days.  Yes 5 or so days without a bed, tv, computer, or even clothes, besides what I took with me on our trip out. :)

Anyway its about time we take the trip out of California, our comfortable zone and try new things... I mean really besides a short two weeks after my birth, NEITHER of us have really lived outside the state for more than a couple months (and that was all for his training for the military anyway).  So with that being said we wait to see what lies ahead and hope that good things are in the future.  New, exciting new people and places and experiences we would otherwise never had.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


 So packing and moving goes on for what feels like forever and ever but spending the last days with the friends and family seems to pass in the blink of an eye... crazy how things work out sometimes.