Monday, July 26, 2010

Week 3 Outdoor Challenge

Boating and Camping at Lake Sonoma

So this weekend I went on a last minute, but fun trip to lake sonoma. A friend had a few campsites and a boat out there and I decided to pack up and join them for the night. So my sister and another friend all got ready and made the short drive to lake sonoma, not sure what to hope for except fun.

We got there and it turned out to be a boat in campsite, meaning only accessible by boats, and no cell phone service (not like im not used to that so it was fine). We ended up going tubing both days and made smores, played liars dice and everything else you do when camping.

Over all it was a great trip, lots of fun and the tubing actually gave me more of a workout that I thought! Gotta get back in shape :)

Friday, July 23, 2010

Good Old Game Night

With an adorable puppy!

So its been ages since I actually got one together, but thankfully last night my friend Liz pulled a last minute game night before she leaves. She is in the National Guard Reserves and goes on here two week yearly training tomorrow morning, so called up a few friends and had us all come over!

I forgot how much fun it could be just sitting around and playing games. Its something that's low key and very much fun. I'm defiantly down to do it more often, like we used to.... and next another friend and I have been talking about having a Disney night, and watching many of the great older classics :)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Husband Deployed Means Playing Musical Chairs For Rafting Partners.

White Water Rafting, Solo Style....

So this trip is something I have been doing every year since I was about 18 years old... I think I have been about 6 times now or so, tons of fun and always worth the time, money, soreness and sunburn.

This year since Danny was gone I didnt have the comfort of having an automatic partner. Also since most of my friends have bf or husbands it seems like I was destine to not have a partner for this thing! God thats part of the point, they are two people boats for gosh sakes.

Anyway I ended up not having a partner and had to basically pray that someone would be willing to go alone so I didn't have to.... luckily someone did after lots of back and forth. So after all this I got a partner... luckily someone I have meet before (only a select few times but still not a total stranger).

So my partner ended up being glad he rode with me (his first year so I saved him from being tossed from the boat many times). We only tipped once and that was because people crashed into us at the last minute, and made it through pretty easily.

The second day my first partner ended up having to bail and not go down the river and again Im stuck without a boat mate.... Good thing I found somone at the last minute and to ride, a friend whose partner also left, had lots of fun and ended up going both days with someone i knew, but lets face it, I lucked out immensely!

This year was fun, I really

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Past Pictures to the Rescue ;0)

Lost Camera, Lost Challenge... Sorta

So I took a Challenge... I said I would go out once a week, but my camera has been missing somewhere in my house and I couldn't get a picture somewhere outside. I promise and assure you that I did end up taking a long walk, me and Juno wen to on a two mile trip across town. (Granted I left my keys at Robs house which is the motivator for the walk) but nevertheless I did it.

Juno was happy I took her, even though it was 95ยบ outside... haha i almost about died and i don't have a black fur coat on, but i know she was happy to be with me and walking. It was nice to get outside... it was nice to exercise, and to just go somewhere without a car.

So as my challenge goes I failed for not taking a picture, but have no fear I have plenty of older pictures to share (we are outdoors people).
The three pictures im loading up are from three different days. Two of theme are from hikes out in Pt Reyes, the first being on the path and the last being out on the cliff out-looking the ocean at the end. The silhouette picture that i posted is from one of the days we went crabbing out at the bodea head, stayed out til after the sun went down and ended up capturing this gorgeous picture of danny and i as the sun was setting.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Lost on the Russian! :)

River Trip Craziness

So my sister and a few friends decided to embark on a journey down the Russian river. Floating on rafts from one beach to another point about 5 hours ahead. We staked out the two spots, part one car at each end and made our way to the first beach. Floaties, Check... Floating Cooler, Check.... Dry bag, Check... Lunch, Check...Box O Wine, Check... Radio, Check.... so looks like everything is gonna work out great.

We set off a bit later than expected but the sun is still in full bloom and the weather is hot. We figure 4 or so hours from now would only be 6ish, still sunny and warm usually so everything is good. The first few hours went by like a breeze, warm sun and great people. So much fun just relaxing on the river.

So the sun starts setting and its beginning to get cold and we realize... hmm should have been there by now. So we get off our rafts and paddle, trying to make good time and hurry up. Much to our surprise about an hour later were still nowhere near where we need to be. FML... what do we do now?? So two of us got out of the water (since it was straight dark now) and walked to one of the houses around to use the phone. Come to find out we passed our beach by a whole town.

So luckily the lady offers to give us a ride, so two of my friends go and we stay with all our stuff. About 30 minutes later they return with the cars and pick us up... the day is saved cuz we got back, but realistically things could have been bad. At one point I was ready to hide under a canoe and wait til morning :) haha but didnt come to that.

Overall we had lots of fun though, and talked it over and had we left on time, and NOT missed our beach the timing would have been perfect to end up at Stump town (the pub/restaurant) for dinner. Maybe next time :) Just gotta mark the beach before we try again!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Proud To Be An American

"And I wont forget the men who died, and gave that right to me"

So 4th of July was the other day, and even though it was way more low key than years past, I just wanted to stop in and write about the people who are away fighting for our freedom. Thank you, all of you who are out there so that we can be here celebrating this country today.

I wanted to of course say thank you to my husband, who also is out to sea right now and serving this country, spending his 4th on a ship for us. :)