Gallery Of Post Photos and Links

Photo Image Gallery
and short captions

Wedding Photo taken by Shannon McGregor

 Danny and I on Halloween last year.  Make up
done by my sister ash.

Danny and I right after his graduation from boot camp.  Were
at the Rain forest Cafe near Chicago, Il

Danny and one of his sailor buddies from bootcamp,
at the top of the sears tower.  Were standing on a glass
box over looking the city.

Ashley and Tessa being silly on the beach at
the Pensacola Naval Air Station

Me, Tess, and Ash on the same beach, thanks crystal
for taking this picture.

The Actual pelican that they dropped at midnight

Our group for new years! :)

Two blocks away from our Pensacola, Fl apartment

This is a picture of the fountain outside the navy lodge
on base... so much for hot Florida weather huh?

Danny and I in Napa Wine tasting as
a homecoming from Florida

I think it explains itself

A Kelp Crab we caught at the Bodega Head

Same day at the Bodega shore, 
this one my sister took

 Our friends wheeling at Pillsbury

Kayaking out to Chesapeake Bay,
Virginia Beach 

Sir Peter Gnomey
we bought him at target in Virgina,
drove him across country
now he is on the ship across the word with danny
War memorial statue in Evanston, Wy

On the road in Utah
Pretty artsy if I say so myself

The Bridge on Crawford rd in Yorktown, Va
rumored to be the most haunted place in Virginia

When we went to a beer fest in Norfolk, Va
This was shortly before I left for home

My Puppy Juno last year at Dillon Beach
(the only off leash beach in the county)

I took this picture the same day at Dillion,
this day I learned what kite boarding was.....
very interesting sport

A picture from my camera, from the sonoma
firework show on 4th of July

Again from sonoma, thanks to david and steph for 
taking pictures on my camera! :)

From 2007 mendocino, didnt take any tubing pictures
since i couldnt find my camera but this seemed to 
fit the mood of the trip

Did a search "tubing on the russian river" and found
this... super cute i think

So this was at the end of the path, halfway down a
8.5 mile hike at Pt Reyes.

Danny and I after a long day of crabbing at the bodega
head.  Was out there til after the sun set and caught 
so many crabs... mmmm dinner

Another picture of Pt Reyes, different hike but the same trail
along the way.  So gorgeous its amazing!

 One of my partners and I in calm water :0)

First day partner on "The Mother" rapid

Most of our group that went, minus a few people
since it was the second day

Two of the guys from our group stuck on a rock...
not uncommon for the trip ( usually someone was
stuck on a rock... or tipped)

 Brie Liz and I with the cute puppy

At Lake Sonoma, off the Marina Dock

A friend and I Tubing at lake sonoma