Monday, September 28, 2009

Leaving for the Navy

So its getting down to the wire and time for my husband Danny to leave for navy boot camp. Up until this point we have rarely been apart for more than a few days at a time and now things seem so hectic, scary, and new. We have both been trying to stay calm, while fitting in the canyon sized lists of 'to dos' growing more and more rapidly as D day approaches. Boy, I know that he has to leave, but as time gets closer it seems more and more like a bad dream and the two months seem like an eternity.

We sat down one day about a month ago and talked about how he had a whole bunch of things he wanted to try and do before he left, like another round of wine tasting, camping and hiking at certain places. Two of our close friends helped us brainstorm different things that were part of what made home, well home. So we each got our work/school schedules and we worked out a calendar of what to do when, a prospective look at what we wanted to accomplish.

Looking back that seemed to be a great idea. In both our eyes we feel that it helped him with coming to terms that he was leaving home for a long time, and got to do many of the things that he has been wanting to, and saw all the people he could; and for me it helped greatly because it kept us spending quality time together in his last month here. I hear many couples tend to fight nearing the date because added stress and worry about the loved one being in boot camp, but this idea we came up with helped keep our minds off him actual departure and focused on what we had next on the list.