Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Hawaiian Getaway

When I was younger my parents would take us weekend trips to visit relatives in another city, or take us on week long camping trips to the lake.  They would haul all four of us girls out to a campsite, or packed into my aunts house for the weekend and these would be our getaways, our mini vacations from home life and school.  With that being said I had never really been on a true vacation before this trip. 

Never had I traveled to a distant state and/or country with the sole purpose of nothing but leisure and fun.  I'm not saying I'm deprived of visiting new places, or that I have never taken a lazy day off at the river, however the idea of getting away to a far off place for vacation was new to me.  Even though Danny had to travel to the next island over to take his Navy wide 3rd class exam in order for us to go I still consider it a vacation. :)

This trip was one of many things, but dull it never was.  We ended up cramming more into the 5 days in Hawaii than I have in most summers at home.  We tried everything from hiking to four wheeling.  Adventurers we were.  Each day we choose a different part of Kauai to explore by hiking, kayaking, snorkeling, four wheeling or even zip lining our way through the lush greenery and sandy beaches.  By the end of the trip it seemed we knew most of the tiny island and how to get around where we needed to go.  The whole trip was amazing, and I just want to thank everyone who made it possible, Mona & Dave, Grandma Pat, and Sara and Erik.  Also congratulations to Erik and Sara for getting engaged during our time there!