Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Homecoming has arrived!

Finally after a 7 month deployment

Long deployment and over a year of on and off separation due to training, boot camp and deployments the wait is finally over.

It really feels so nice for him to be home... seriously now its time to start workin on the move out to the east coast.

So when the day arrived and we got up early in the morning, cold norfolk morning and got ready, did the make up, hair, picked out a cute (but warm) outfit and set out to find a spot on the pier to wait for the ship.

And as expected the two hour wait in the cold seemed multiplied by the prolonged slow chug of the tug boats pulling the ship into the bay to dock at the pier, and the icy wind that blew upon the enthusiastic families who await the reunion.

My sister and I had our eyes locked on the sea of soldiers passing by at the edge of the pier waiting to see our loved ones. I think we were so focused on the big crowd that I didn't see Danny and Andrew coming up near us until they were practically at the base of the bleachers. They had slipped through a break in the fence and were coming up on us from a different direction than the main crowd.

Overall it was an exciting and heartfelt experience.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Show Your Support and Send A Letter Today!

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