Thursday, July 21, 2011

Backpacking and beaches VA style

So its no secret that the scenery around Virginia is vastly different from that of the Northern California Coast.  Even though I grew up with the beauty and elegance of the western climate its now time to explore the east coast of Virginia.

Over the summer so far we have been venturing out when possible and exploring what the eastern seaboard has to offer. Since we live in a military dense area, there are many many free concerts, festivals and other military friendly activities to choose from.  Also being outdoorsy people we are we have been exploring the beaching and camping spots over on this side of the country. 

Virginian beaches are profoundly different in every way from our own rocky, cold, stoic beaches of home.  They are very flat, crowded and white.  They lend themselves to swimming much easier and have a better atmosphere for spending the day barbequing with friends or tanning in the sand, however I find that i do miss the coastal beauty of home.

We did go backpacking this summer as well, where there were no giant California Redwoods, or rolling emerald hills around, we did get to hike through a wildlife reserve on our way to a secluded beach campground which served as a private playground for our small 6 person group.

Stuffed into 2 tiny backpacking tents and forgetting our camping stove we made it to camp and listened to the serenade of 1000s of bullfrogs and ocean waves as we fell asleep in the 80 degree nightfall.