Monday, July 26, 2010

Week 3 Outdoor Challenge

Boating and Camping at Lake Sonoma

So this weekend I went on a last minute, but fun trip to lake sonoma. A friend had a few campsites and a boat out there and I decided to pack up and join them for the night. So my sister and another friend all got ready and made the short drive to lake sonoma, not sure what to hope for except fun.

We got there and it turned out to be a boat in campsite, meaning only accessible by boats, and no cell phone service (not like im not used to that so it was fine). We ended up going tubing both days and made smores, played liars dice and everything else you do when camping.

Over all it was a great trip, lots of fun and the tubing actually gave me more of a workout that I thought! Gotta get back in shape :)


  1. thats really cool!

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  2. Yeah its tons of fun and actually a work out on your whole body too! Yes I will be happy to follow you. Good luck blogging and thank you for the add!