Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Past Pictures to the Rescue ;0)

Lost Camera, Lost Challenge... Sorta

So I took a Challenge... I said I would go out once a week, but my camera has been missing somewhere in my house and I couldn't get a picture somewhere outside. I promise and assure you that I did end up taking a long walk, me and Juno wen to on a two mile trip across town. (Granted I left my keys at Robs house which is the motivator for the walk) but nevertheless I did it.

Juno was happy I took her, even though it was 95ยบ outside... haha i almost about died and i don't have a black fur coat on, but i know she was happy to be with me and walking. It was nice to get outside... it was nice to exercise, and to just go somewhere without a car.

So as my challenge goes I failed for not taking a picture, but have no fear I have plenty of older pictures to share (we are outdoors people).
The three pictures im loading up are from three different days. Two of theme are from hikes out in Pt Reyes, the first being on the path and the last being out on the cliff out-looking the ocean at the end. The silhouette picture that i posted is from one of the days we went crabbing out at the bodea head, stayed out til after the sun went down and ended up capturing this gorgeous picture of danny and i as the sun was setting.

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