Sunday, June 27, 2010

Coping with Life

So I thought that I was used to the navy life, Danny joined last October and we were apart on and off for months at a time. I was beginning to get used to things that way, flying out to Virginia, or driving to Florida and seeing him, living in different states for a month or two at a time. Actually the whole thing was more like long vacations sprinkled with a month or so apart from each other.

Overall things were good, somewhat unsettling at times but we got to see new places and experience different things. Then comes his deployment... and its way different. He only left about a month ago or so, but it just feels different. I know I have been apart from him longer than this, however it seems like things are dragging on, and knowing the next time we can be face to face is such a long stretch away makes things feel so much more distant.

Luckily he is not in the army, or marines or something where he has NO access to phone or computers, so I am holding on, but this is way harder than I could have imagined.

Wish me luck :) I have a good 6+ months left.

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