Sunday, May 9, 2010

Hauntings in Yorktown

So back at home my friends and I are somewhat adventurous when it comes to scary places or haunted houses and things. We like to go find places that are supposedly haunted or spooky and check them out. Since I have been in Virginia for a few weeks now I was looking for cheap/new things to do around va beach area and found a haunted road.

The first thing I cam across was Crawford road in Yorktown. Since I knew this was an old town from the civil war days where major battles took place I knew this was gonna be creepy (if for nothing else but the history behind it all).

We went with a group of about six people and first visited the battle field of Yorktown, did the tourist thing and saw the sights, read the placards and took in the history of the place around us. Then near dusk we figured it was time to set out and find Crawford road.

Although the trip was somewhat uneventful, except the creepiness surrounding the tales, we ended up seeing the main bridge where most the tales happened. A little dissapointed nothing happened we hung out for awhile and then decided it was time to leave.

On the way out however a car appeared behind us out of no where... kinda scary... but nothing to support the haunted stigma of the place. It did however give us some chills and something to tell of our trip out there.

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