Tuesday, April 20, 2010

4 Hours Kayaking the Chesapeake

Its my second week here in Virginia visiting Danny and we found this cute little place near Chesapeake bay that rents 2 person kayaks for $25. Just in case your ever in the Virginia beach area----> surfandadventure.com

What a deal huh?? Well since its been such nice weather over here so far we decided to take the 4 hour trip out to the bay and back.

Im so glad we decided to go becuase the scenery was so pretty, and very different from where we are from. I enjoyed being in the sun and out in nature all the while burning off all the calories we had during lunch earlier that day. ;-) Also this kind of got me ready for my two white water rafting trips later on in the summer.

I think it wont be too bad to live in Virginia for awhile, its no Sonoma county but so far it has a lot to offer.

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