Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Windy City

Love at first Sight

Ok, so maybe its not first sight as in the first time I ever saw Danny, even though I did have a huge crush on him then, but its our big reunion after boot camp! The best part was that he didn't barely recognize me, since I had gotten my hair done and lost about 12lbs while he was away. Ill tell ya the best motivator to go to the gym is knowing your husband is working his ass of 7 days a week in boot camp and he will be coming home soon! Haha got me to the gym 5-6 days a week while he was gone (lets just hope that keeps up).

So this is my first trip so far away from home since, well since I ever. Before this trip the furthest I had been away from home was Hawaii back in 8th grade. Its the middle of the winter and Im from California, heading to Chicago scared about the snow and freezing temperatures. I ended up buying a whole new wardrobe and two Pea-coats (got them both for 70% off at Old navy) just for the occasion.

When it came time to see him, I was so close to crying I was so happy! Ugh... two whole months of no contact was rough I tell ya, but oh so worth the wait to get to see him again. We ended up staying in Chicago over the weekend and visiting the sears tower and eating Chicago style pizza and doing all the fun touristy stuff (as much as you can in two days) before he was whisked away again, flown off to florida. Talk about a change in climate ;-) Overall the trip was great though, it was so nice to see him, and neat to explore new places.

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