Sunday, December 27, 2009

Den Mother for Alpha Barracks

Living Next To Base Means Always Having Company
Lately I have been feeling like a den mother to many of the sailors at Alpha barracks here on base. This is because I am the only wife out of Danny friends, and/or the only one living 2 miles from base. I picked the apartment because of its location, size and flexibility, but never would have thought how much traffic would be in and out.

Actually its kind of neat, on most days we have about two or three sailors over for dinner, movies or just hanging out once they hit liberty. On the weekends though we have been having about 5 or so of danny's friends post up on the couches and air mattress.

Dont get me wrong Im not complaining or anything, actually they are quite entertaining to say the least, and our Dog loves the company too! Its just an interesting feeling cooking for so many people and being the driver, since were the only ones with a car here and so on. Good thing Im a people person I guess. Seems like the life of a Navy wife, hosting for all the Sailors.

We even had christmas with a few of danny's friends who were stuck in florida for the holidays. My sisters and crystal went to walmart and filled up stockings for each of them with candy and little trinkets for them, it was a nice feeling.

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