Monday, October 18, 2010

Wine & Cheese Party Take Two!

Happy Birthday Liz & Yay for Our Wine and Cheese

So this is the second year of the Wine and Cheese Party at liz's house. Both times it seems to have fallen on or around her birthday. :) We originally came up with the idea because last year Danny was leaving soon and we wanted to try and go wine tasting before he left but didnt think we had the time.

Liz had been talking about having a get together at her house and so we decided to join the two and make it a wine and cheese formal tasting. It is now that time of year again and sadly Danny is gone out to sea, and my other sister Tessa is in Americorps across the country. This year we still did it but seemed that there was definitely a few things missing!

We ended up doing tastings with the different wines. Our goal was to have everyone bring a wine and a type of exotic cheese (not the everyday american or cheddar ) so we could all try new things without having to buy a million wines and cheeses ourself.

I must say this is a great way to try new things, and a great excuse to dress up for sure.

The first two pictures are from last years wine and cheese party. I figured I would add them in as a tribute to Tessa and Danny :) so they can feel included in this one!

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  1. hey just stopped by! i love that picture at the top! it's hanging in my dorm room :)