Thursday, September 30, 2010

Halloween Tradition

End of An Era
I know I had this same picture and title up last year but halloween is coming up fast and its strange to be uncertain of what my plans are. It seem
s like since forever I can remember having the halloween parties at the ranch (My moms old house out in the country).

Halloween is one of Danny and my favorite holidays, so it makes things even harder that he is not here and we dont have the ranch to have our parties.

Seems like EVERYONE is asking me already if what the plan is for halloween and the ranch. Even people I dont know. The other day I was at the bookstore at the JC and the clerk at the counter ended up asking me if there was going to be a party out at my house. This actually made me laugh that the parties have hit so many people, but also made me a little sad and reminiscent.

Over all it seems unfair that Danny has to spend ANOTHER halloween away from his
friends and family here at home, but at least he is not in bootcamp this time! :)

I miss you honey!! Love you so much!!

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