Thursday, March 18, 2010

March Madness

Crab feeds and Ocean Animals

So its march, and I have been home for a few weeks while Danny is in Virginia (his duty station). Since I have a trip planned to go out there next month in the mean time I have been trying to keep myself busy and my mind off his absence. Luckily I have many great friends that know my situation and are willing to help keep me occupied, so this month we have been all over and done many things.

I went to sac clubs for a friends birthday, went to a concert in Santa Rosa, and crabbing at the ocean to supply our own crab feed. This is one of the things we like to do on a regular basis, spending the day at the beach, casting our nets and hanging out, then when the sun starts to fade we head home and have a crab feed with our catch of the day. My sister is a nature nut (way more than I am) and as I was going through my camera from the day's pictures found a few really neat photos from the beach.

These photos seem like they were taken by professionals, or at least in my opinion they.... but that might be because I have a compromised opinion. Since this month has been so clustered and crazy, my mind has had no time to register the fact that my love is 3000 miles across the country and living on a massive aircraft carrier on the ocean.

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