Sunday, January 3, 2010

Florida Fun

So I took a 5 day drive to Florida (to visit Danny in A school) in our 97 Jetta that's about to give out on us. To make things more interesting I brought along two of my sisters and one of their friends, not to mention my year old lab puppy and all our things. Since I was the only one who could drive (due to the car being a stick) our trip got a little interesting at times.

We ended up driving late into the nights and getting nutty as people due on little sleep and energy drinks and long hours of straight highways of nothingness. By the time we got to florida, where I had rented a two bedroom apartment, we were all at each others throats, but it seemed reaching our destination was just the remedy we needed.

During my time here I happened to make l
ots of new friends, one being our Taxi driver, our bartender and many of Danny's school buddies. Since Danny spent much of his time on base not being able to leave after hours, I ended up spending a lot of my time playing on the Internet and found a neat website where I ended up making my own shirts.

The weather in Pensacola seemed to be a lot colder than I imagined (even though it was winter time). Turns out I had a cliched view of the weather in florida, since it barely reached 70 for more than a day. I should have known, being from Cali people have many stereotypes and views of our state that are half truths and part myt

Even though the weather was iffy, I did get to explore some of the beautiful beaches Pensacola had to offer, and even more so some of the neat bars, nightclubs, and attractions around. Overall my experience has been very different from my expectations, but never the less interesting and fun.

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