Saturday, January 15, 2011

Country Roads, Take Me Home!

Danny's Long Awaited Return to Cali

So finally after a year of being gone, boot camp, A school, deployment and work its time for danny to come back to California to visit his friends and family!
Of course everyone has been pestering me about when danny will be home, when he will be back and when he is gonna visit so now its here and the excitement is all very flattering.

I know Danny appreciated being missed while he was gone too! Unfortunately he was only able to be home about a week and a half before return to the sea but we managed to fit in so much fun stuff.

Family dinners and friends gatherings, wine tasting and even an 80's concert we love to go see when possible....

It seemed like we didn't stop moving the whole week and a half, but we managed to see everyone who made an effort to contact us. Overall I think it was a very productive home vacation trip.

I love you so much honey and Im glad that you got to come home!!

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