Monday, August 23, 2010

Challenge Week 6

Happy 30th Birthday Camping

So this weekend we ended up heading to the coast for the weekend to camp, fish, hike and chill. This time we decided to go back to Ocean Cove up past Jenner for the easy ocean access. We ended up eating like kings out at the coast, had everything from fish, steak, venison, eel and abalone.... soooo good!

It was one of my good friends 30th birthday which is the reason we headed out to the coast for camping, but it was a great excuse to be in the outdoors!

We went fishing both days, crawling over rocks out to the deeper part of the sea, quite a hike and very relaxing once your out there. The boys ended up catching 4 fish and an eel, a nice dinner for all of us :) Of course us girls didn't get anything except wet from the waves!

We watched the sun set over the ocean from our campsite while cooking dinner, we woke up and saw the mist fade away from the sea after the clouds burned away, we made smores and toasted marshmallows.... overall the trip was a blast and everyone ended up having a great time. So Happy Birthday Jared!! Thanks for having us out there!!

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